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'The writing of such a book is long overdue and records what may be little known or appreciated to many. That simple, yet practical means of gaining water for domestic use, as a largely private enterprise, is quite widely used in many parts of the developing world. And not so long ago in our human history, was used in countries which now call themselves developed. It is immensely practical, and where rain water or ground water permit, and where governments are not able, for one reason or another, to provide the water that people so desperately need, then the concept of self-supply must step in to fill the breach. The authors provide evidence, from several parts of the world, where self-supply of water has proven to be totally invaluable and often vital for people’s survival.'
Peter Morgan - researcher and consultant; author of ‘Rural Water and Sanitation Supplies’; Stockholm Water Prize winner

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Self-Supply: Filling the gaps in public water supply provision
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